Change a cat into a dog



The three lower pictures show how the app appears on the 4-inch screen of an iPhone 5 or recent iPod Touch. It is quite similar to the iPad app.
The upper pictures show the simplified app I made for the 3.5-inch screen of earlier iPhones and iPods Touch. If you want to change the c of cat, you can’t choose between the letters b, f, h and r. You tap the c of cat and the app chooses one of the letters at random.
You can neither decide to change a cat into a dog nor try to find the shortest path, but small children enjoy the game nevertheless.
Because the app doesn’t teach you as much, it costs only $0.99.
Note that the a in bar is gray. Nothing happens when you tap it.
I put b, f, h and r back when the screen was enlarged, but you can still play the simplified way by tapping the letters of cat.
Click here to see the app in the iTunes store.

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