Change a cat into a dog





I have made this app for children who know most letters of the alphabet already. I hope to help them understand how letters combine to form words. If they only know a few letters, they should play with Mad ABC first.
There are one hundred three-letter words. You move from one word to another by changing a single letter.
For example, tapping the b under the c of cat takes you to the bat page. The six pictures above show how to change a cat into a dog, one letter at a time.
You can play at finding a shorter path. Actually, you can go from cat to dog in three clicks only.
All the pictures are animated, as young children expect something to happen when they touch the screen. The cat vanishes slowly like the Cheshire cat, the bat morphs into a baseball bat, and so on. You’ll get an idea by moving the mouse over the pictures above, but the full animation on the iPad is more fun.
All the words are linked, but you’ll certainly miss some of them if you just move from word to word at random. Tapping the small yellow triangle at the bottom of a page takes you to a contents page displaying all the words.
There are three versions of the game: for the iPad, the iPhone and the Macintosh desktop. The pictures above belong to the iPad version of the app. Click here to see a page about the iPhone versions.
The iPad and iPhone versions work only on iOS up to 11. They do not work on iOS12. Click here to see them in the iTunes store, where you can buy them for $1.99 and download them to your iPad.
Click here to download the free desktop version to your Macintosh computer.
As I am registered as an iOS developer but not as a MacOS developer, you may have to open the System Preferences of your Mac, then click the Security & Privacy icon, click the lock and select “Allow apps downloaded from anywhere” the first time you open Mad Cat.