My name is Jean-Jacques Adam Greif. I am French and I live in Paris. As Jean-Jacques is a bit difficult to pronounce in English, you can call me Adam.
Creating programs for the iPad, the desktop, the Web or whatever is so time-consuming and devilish that you soon become a raving maniac. That’s why I call myself Mad Adam.
Also, I have never met a palindrome that I didn’t like.
If you want to ask me what a palindrome is, if you want to report a bug or otherwise complain about my small programs, my e-mail address is
What about the picture below?

This is my other Web site. Click the picture to go there.
I write books, mostly in French. I have translated some of my novels and one of them, The Fighter, was published in the United States in book and ebook form. You can see the cover above.
I have also written a few books in English. You can download them from my Web site.
Oh, I see you’re wondering about Olivier. He was my brother. He died in 2000. He composed classical music. If people listened to classical music as much as they used to, he would be very famous.